The most common new year’s resolutions relate to finances, however, most of these resolutions are abandoned after a single month! In this article, we will look into the benefits of using a financial coach to assist you with your new year financial goals.

For people struggling with their finances, one thing they have in common is knowing how to start fixing their situation: the trick is to stop buying things you don’t need, to stop spending more than your income, and to arrange your direct debit payments and saving measures so everything is on autopilot. These are things you can learn from a financial coach.

One of the many benefits of having a financial coach is their ability to set you up with your goals and to help you become self-sustainable. They will often do this by setting up a personalised, customised plan for your financial situation based on your needs. Financial coaching offers consistent results, keeping you accountable for your financial mistakes and losses, and helping you achieve weekly or monthly goals.

A financial coach can also become a close confidant and help achieve greater happiness thanks to improved monetary habits.

We at the Quinn Group offer financial coaching.

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