When it comes to running your own business, it’s important to have plans and procedures in place so when the inevitable does happen and you fall sick your business will be able to function as required. As a small business owner, you don’t have the luxury of calling in sick. With constant deadlines looming over your head and trying to manage client expectations it can become all too much if you haven’t been proactive in planning for things beyond your control.

Here’s how to manage your workload when you’re feeling under the weather:

Revise your to-do list

Let’s face it; you’re sick so there is no point spending all your time thinking about deadlines and the work you should be doing – this will only stress you out and won’t help you recover. Look over your to-do list and eliminate the tasks without a pressing deadline. Place these tasks on a separate to-do list for when you’re feeling well enough to return to work.

Renegotiate deadlines and reschedules meetings

When you can’t possibly meet deadlines or attend meetings because you are sick, contact the client as soon as possible and reschedule your meeting or call and renegotiate the deadline. The majority of people will sympathise with you when you’re sick and understand the predicament you’re in, however, make sure you provide alternative dates and have stick to your deadlines when you return to work.

Stay connected

When you’re not in the office, your smart phone is the ideal tool to keep you up to date with what’s going on at work. Ask your employees to copy you in on important emails so you can stay in loop. For issues that require your input, organise a daily phone call to discuss important issues with your staff members to advise them of the next steps.

Have the necessary insurance

You never know when a sudden health issue could arise so it’s important to have the necessary insurance. You may also want to consider getting sickness and accident insurance. Since you are the business, if you are unwell for a lengthy period of time and unable to work you want to ensure you are financially secure.

Overall, it’s important to put yourself first. If you are constantly putting yourself behind your business, you will tire yourself out and end up producing lower quality work and being less effective overall. Planning for when you are sick is something that should be incorporated into your business plan. If you require advice or assistance in creating a business plan specifically tailored to your business contact our accountants at The Quinn Group. Submit an online enquiry at www.quinns.com.au or call 02 9223 9166.