As part of our commitment to assisting you to legally minimise your tax we have prepared a FREE Tax Record Kit for your use. The Tax Record Kit contains a simple step by step process to help you collect and organise the documents required to prepare your tax return. The Tax Record Kit also acts as a convenient file with which to store your taxation documents for this financial year.

Please click here to request your free Tax Record Kit.

If possible, to facilitate the efficient preparation of your return, we would prefer that you summarise your deductions and provide us with the summary rather than enclosing all the relevant receipts. We do not need to sight your receipts; however you need to retain them with your relevant taxation records.

Once we have your information we will process your tax return and return the Kit all relevant documents to you. You should retain your tax records for five years. If you require a meeting to discuss specific tax issues or have any questions regarding our Tax Record Kit, please call our office on (02) 9223 9166 to organise an appointment.

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