A log book is a written record of your business use of a motor vehicle over a period of time. Log books must be recorded in English and must be made at the end of the journey or as soon as possible afterwards.

Log books must be kept for 12 consecutive weeks in the first year that you claim a deduction for the motor vehicle and every fifth year thereafter. It is illegal to backdate a log book.

The ATO can tell if you have backdated a log book as there is a unique code printed in the log book.

This unique code is located on the interior of the spine on the last page of the book facing the inside back cover.

Example of a log book:

Car Date Start Date End Odometer Start Odometer End KM travelled Travel Desc.
ABC123 1/3/2012 1/3/2012 20465 20500 35KM Meeting with client at Penrith office
ABC123 2/3/2012 2/3/2012 20510 20550 40KM Went on site to see progress of work

What are odometer readings?

Odometer records mean a document which records for the period for which the log book is kept showing odometer reading at start and end of period.

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