Your business logo is one of the most important assets of your business. It is the very first thing a customer sees and the last thing they remember. Logos help to shape the whole identity of your business.


It is imperative to have a briefing with your designers to communicate what it is you are looking for when designing your new logo. The briefing will allow you to outline the scope of the project to the designers and what you want to convey. Things to discuss will be the message your business is trying to evoke with your logo, how you want your business to be perceived, what colours best represent your business and whether or not will it be easy to recognise.

The briefing acts as a blueprint for designers to refer to when creating the right logo for your business – it allows them to have a clear vision of what you expect from them.

Consider the limitations of reproductions

How will the logo be used in future marketing initiatives? Will it be printed on business stationery, used for online marketing collateral, printed on company cars or embroidered on company uniforms? If you want your logo to be replicated with ease onto any surface, a simple design is best.

Colour schemes

The use of colour in marketing is a powerful psychological tool which sends a specific message to your audience. While visual appeal is important, it is a good idea to consider how colour can represent as well as enhance the appearance of your business and influence the behaviour of potential buyers. Colour is the first thing registered by a person who views your business logo. Interestingly, different colours in different cultures convey different emotions and meaning. For example, in western culture, red symbolises danger, anger or passion but in India it is the colour of purity; while orange conveys courage in Japan, harvest in the west but mourning and loss in the Middle East. If you are considering taking your business international, it is worthwhile to conduct research with your target market’s cultures and colour associations.

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) represents the property of your mind or intellect. It can be an invention, trade mark, logo, original design or the practical application of a good idea. In business terms, this means your proprietary knowledge – a key component of success in business today. IP is often what helps consumers to recognise your business; some businesses have even gone so far as to successfully trademark certain colours as their own intellectual property for a particular product category.

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