eBook: Everything You Need to Know About Payroll Tax

Understanding Payroll Tax can be a confusing and complicated task. There are rules and then exceptions, liabilities and then exemptions. How can you possibly navigate this vastly difficult labyrinth and come out on the right side of the law?

In this FREE eBook, Everything You Need to Know About Payroll Tax, Michael Quinn, Director and Co-Founder of The Quinn Group examines the laws and rules of payroll tax for each respective state of Australia. This handy resource will help you to:

  • Understand what Payroll Tax is
  • Identify what payments are treated as taxable wages
  • Examine which payments are excluded
  • Navigate the interaction of the employee and contractor dichotomy in relation to Payroll Tax
  • Analyse the various jurisdictions
  • Understand grouping
  • Be informed about Payroll Tax audits

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