Legal Services – Wills, Estates and Probate

Wills, Estates and Probate are not the most talked about topics, however creating a Will is quite possibly one of the most important steps you can undertake to ensure your assets are protected.

The three terms; Wills, Estates and Probate can often be confused.

For more detailed information on Wills, Estates and Probate, visit our dedicated website Wills & Estates.

What is an Estate?


The term “estate” refers to all of the assets of a deceased person wherever they might be located.

Located in Sydney, The Quinn Group can offer specialist services in the area of Wills and Estates covering:

  • Preparation of your Will
  • Preparation of your Power of Attorney
  • Preparation of you Enduring Guardian
  • Assisting you with Probate
  • Preparation of Prenuptial Agreements
  • Help you to Contest a Will
  • Preparation of Testamentary Trusts


What is a Will?


A Will is a legal document, formally declaring how your assets will be distributed after your death.

What is Probate?


Probate is a written authority from the Supreme Court given to an executor to enable the administration of a deceased estate.


If you’re looking for an Estate Planning Lawyer, or a lawyer to look after a Probate matter, we can help. We are on your side and aim to save you from emotional stress.

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