Restraint of Trade

Over their many years of employment law experience, the lawyers at Quinn’s have dealt with any type of restraint of trade clauses imaginable. Restraint of trade is the subject of many court cases, and is an extremely volatile area of employment law that must be handled with due care.

The main types of cases that Quinn’s receives dealing with restraint of trade are:

  • New Employment Contracts
  • Is my restraint of trade clause enforceable?
  • Breach of employment contracts

The most important thing to remember is that while restraint of trade clauses can be quite powerful, an employer has to be able to prove that the processes they have outlined in the clause are ‘reasonably necessary’ to protect the legitimate business interests of the employer. This means that the clause has to be made to protect the business’s trade secrets, staff relationships, customer relationships, or some other confidential information – it cannot be merely stopping you from conducting simple competition.

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