Legal Services – Business Restructuring

The lawyers at The Quinn Group have a practical understanding of the need for, and implementation of, business restructuring processes. In today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment your current business structure may not be the best model to deal with internal or external issues that may be affecting your bottom line.

Our approach to company restructuring is ultimately client focused; we simplify the process by using plain language for our customers and provide services in a cost effective and time efficient manner. perhaps you are contemplating merging with another entity, pursuing a management buyout, or you may be looking at insolvency or voluntary liquidation.

Reasons why owners may need to consider business restructuring:


  • you are worried about succession;
  • you have been offered a management buyout;
  • your partnership is breaking down;
  • you suspect your counterparty is moving assets offshore;
  • your business is experiencing cash flow problems;
  • your creditors are demanding payment of outstanding accounts and threatening legal action;
  • you’re finding it hard to remain within your overdraft limit;
  • your bank is making demands;
  • you have inherited company liabilities as a result of personal guarantees provided; or
  • you are unable to make payments to the ATO on time.

The Quinn Group is a multidisciplinary firm with experience in accounting, legal and financial management. Consequently, we can assist and advise you on a range of issues including the implementation of your new business structures, any necessary negotiations, site closures, mergers and acquisitions as well as related employment issues and redundancies.

We are able to provide you with the necessary strategies that will enable you to identify the underlying value and provide opportunities to achieve maximum recover, for your business.  Our restructuring advice will bring clarity and direction in an often combative area of law and business operations.

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