Business Valuations

Do you know the exact value of your business’ worth right now?

If you’re researching business valuations, chances are you’re looking to have your business valued for one reason or another.

What is a Business Valuation?


Simply put, a Business Valuation is the formal process of determining what your business is worth.

Getting a business valued means that you are working out whether you are getting the best deal and the fairest price, whether you are buying or selling.


Why undertake a Business Valuation?


A business valuation is not just for business owner’s preparing for a sale. Whilst this is usually the most common reason, there are numerous other business and legal situations that require, or can benefit greatly from a detailed business valuation. Such as:

  • Judicial authorities can often require a business valuation for legal matters such as shareholder disputes, divorce settlements or breach of contract disputes.
  • Lending authorities are now increasingly requiring business valuations when business owners are applying for loans or refinancing.
  • A detailed valuation can help identify what is needed to increase the value of the business or attract new capital.
  • Prospective business purchasers place more credibility on a valuation if it is performed by an independent third-party.


What is the benefit of having a Business Valuation?


Detailed business valuations not only assist business owners in determining the value of their business, they also help them maximise value when considering a sale, merger or partnership.

A sound business valuation can become part of the actual buy/sell agreement.

Business owners can also use a business valuation as one of the cornerstones of a long-term financial plan to enhance the value of their business, helping them to better plan and develop a strategic business plan.


Are you looking to have your business valued in Sydney?

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