Small Business Bookkeeping

If you’re considering starting up your own small business, it’s important you undertake research to ensure you are aware of your legal obligations.

Small Business Registration

As a small business owner you’ll also need to register for:

Small business tax obligations

Various federal, state and local government taxes and rates can apply, depending on the size and location of your business.

A number of federal government taxes apply to business, including GST, PAYG withholding tax and Fringe Benefits Tax.

State government taxes that may be relevant to your business include payroll tax, land tax, duties and debits tax.

Rates are different from council to council – you need to contact your local council to find out what’s applicable to your business.

Small business advice – record keeping

It is important that you keep accurate and complete records, as you are required to by law.

Other reasons why you should keep records include:

  • Keeping an eye on your financial wellbeing, and making fully educated business decisions
  • It will be more simple to prepare your activity statements, as well as returns for income tax and fringe benefits tax
  • Prove your financial standing to banks and other lenders, and also to potential buyers of the business
  • Putting to use your financial/tax adviser, rather than consuming their time, that you pay for, with sorting through paperwork.

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