Individual Tax Returns

Preparing your individual tax return each year can be somewhat daunting if you are unfamiliar with the Australian Taxation System.

If you’re lodging your tax return on your own, remember that the ATO has the ability to access your bank accounts, shares and other investments so ensure you include these in your individual tax return. The deadline for lodging your income tax return yourself is 31 October each year.

There are many benefits in having a professional process and lodge your individual tax return. These include:

  • Registered Tax Agents like The Quinn Group deal with individual tax returns on a daily basis, and can pick up on things you may otherwise have missed. Omitting information from your tax return, accidental or not can have unwanted and serious consequences.
  • Using a registered tax agent takes the stress away from individual tax returns.
  • Lodegment due date for your individual tax return is extended from 31 October to 15 May the following year.
  • Your accountant will be able to provide you with advice in relation to your current tax situation, and offer various ways to better invest your money or lower your taxation liability.

Lodging your individual tax return with The Quinn Group is not the end of our commitment with you as a tax agent. We are available throughout the year to help you with general assistance relating to taxation matters that may arise.


Do you have a question or want to speak to a professional about individual tax returns?

Our accountants at The Quinn Group work hard to ensure that you as a client are aware of what you can and can’t claim in your individual tax return. You want to be confident your tax agent is providing you with the right advice.

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