Dealing with the ATO

Dealing with the ATO can often be quite a frustrating experience.

Our team at The Quinn Group has put together some hints and tips to be aware of to ensure you are meeting your obligations.

We are both lawyers and accountants and have many years’ experience negotiating debt repayments, conducting audits and defending charges brought against you as an individual or a business.

Lodging on Time:

There are certain documents such as activity statements and tax returns that must be lodged by the specified due date – if not, you will subject yourself to the possibility of being charged with late penalties.

If you find you are unable to complete and submit the document in question by the due date, simply make sure you contact your accountant or the ATO before that date and you may be granted an extension. Even if you are aware that you will not be able to pay the ATO the sum that is owing you should still lodge your documents as they may be able to offer you an extension and waive any applicable late penalties.

Having an accountant or registered tax agent prepare and lodge your forms can help to ensure that you avoid any penalties for late or incorrect lodgement


The ATO & Illegal Activities:


There are both persons and groups (inside and outside of Australia) who carry out illegal activities in order to avoid their taxation requirements, and/or work the system for unwarranted financial gain.

The following are examples of common illegal tax evasion:

  • Lots of transactions of small amounts
  • Refund and credit scams
  • Undeclared offshore transactions
  • Illegal tobacco farming and selling
  • Identity theft

The ATO takes the above criminal acts very seriously, and has tough and efficient policies in place to deal with such things.



Objections can apply to many decisions made by the ATO, though no objections are allowed in relation to a GST private ruling.

When you lodge an objection it needs to be presented in a very comprehensive and written form, submitted within the time limits, dated, signed and declare that all the information you have given them is accurate.

If your objection is returned and you are still not happy with the decision made, you can seek an external review.

The world of tax can be extremely complex and if obligations are not adhered to it can often become quite stressful, not to mention costly. The accountants, lawyers and tax agents at The Quinn Group are able to assist you with all tax and ATO related matters. For advice or more information contact us online or call 02 9223 9166.