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Athol Whilston – Legal& Accounting Client

I would like to thank you for achieving the outcome that has avoided any further involvement by me… [more]


Glenn Burns – Overseas Legal & Accounting Client

as atime-poor business owner operating a subsidiary in Australia, it was necessary for me to find an organisation who could provide a rage of…[more]


Kelly Batey – Audit Client

Quinn Consultants have audited our trust account for a number of years. We find them to be friendly and easy to get in completed quickly and… [more]



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Office Address: 3 Laycock Road PENSHURST NSW 2222

Postal Address: PO Box 200 Penshurst NSW 2222

Telephone: 02 9223 9166

Facsimile: 02 9223 9266

Our Penshurst office is just off the M5 motorway and across the road from Penshurst train station it is easily accessed by anyone who is located in Sydney’s South West, Southern and Sutherland Shire regions.