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Business Tax Services


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Business Tax incorporates a number of taxes including Goods and Services Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax and the most common, income tax. Whilst most of us are familiar with income tax, it’s the other taxes that sometimes get lost in the daily business operations.

Business Tax can be quite vast and complex if the time is not given to understand and be aware of your tax obligations as a business owner.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) continues to target small and medium sized enterprises that aren’t meeting their tax obligations. If your business is falling behind in regard to reporting requirements, it may be time to meet with a tax specialist to ensure your business is being driven in the right direction.

The Quinn Group are business tax specialists providing advice and guidance on all tax areas. Maximising profit and driving growth for your business are our goals, and we can work with you to ensure all your business tax obligations are up-to-date.

If you have let your obligations slip and find yourself receiving correspondence from the ATO, you should get in contact with our business tax accountants and lawyers at The Quinn Group. As an integrated accounting and legal firm we are best suited in assisting you and your business with all matters involving the ATO.

Other Business Tax Services include:


ATO Issues

Business Accounting

• Business Tax Advice

Capital Gains Tax

Company Tax Return

Fringe Benefits Tax

Payroll Tax

Tax Planning


Do you have a question or want to speak to a professional about our business tax services?

Located in Sydney, Quinn Consultants can help you with any business tax situation. We work with you and your business; discuss your needs and present solutions in easy to understand terms.

Call us today on 02 9223 9166 to speak about our range of business tax services. Alternatively, leave your message here and we will get endeavour to respond to your enquiry the following business day.