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Company Tax

Australian Tax law is rather complex, and if you’re not careful, you could end up paying more company tax than required.

Company Tax Services involves much more than simply lodging a company tax return.

As a business owner, your tax accountant should be proactive in legally minimising your taxation obligations and present effective tax planning strategies for your company.

The Quinn Group specialises in company tax and tax minimisation. We are Sydney company tax accountants here to help you and your business achieve your goals.

Based in the Sydney CBD with 3 other office locations in Sydney, we offer a wide range of tax services to ensure our clients are covered in areas of tax.

Our Company Tax Services include:


  • Preparation and lodgement of company tax return
  • Tax effective planning
  • Tax compliance
  • Identifying deductions
  • Tax risk management
  • Preparation of ATO objections
  • ATO negotiations and audits
  • Planning for your tax obligations
  • Capital Gains tax planning & minimisation


If your business is run under the sole trader, partnership or trust structure your reporting requirements may differ from that of a company. Ensure you are aware of your taxation obligation and keep up to date with your various obligations.

Company Tax doesn’t need to be complicated. Our tax accountants at The Quinn Group can assist you with all tax related matters and ensure your company is looked after.

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