Christmas is a great time of year to say thank you to the staff for their efforts and your clients who have continually supported you through out the year.

Get creative with your Christmas gifts – especially for your lifetime customers. We recently came across a great example where a financial broker gifted certain clients a coffee machine that was personalised with the company’s logo. Not only is this a fabulous gift for every coffee lover, the company is now top of mind every time they enjoys a coffee!

If a coffee machine is not within your spending budget, here are some other Christmas gift ideas:

•  Personalised gifts such as wine and hampers;

•  Movie vouchers;

•  Restaurant gift card;

•  Get each staff person to share a couple of their favourite recipes and get it professionally printed as a ‘Staff Cookbook’.

Another alternative is to thank staff and clients with an activity. This is a fun way to strengthen your relationship and show your appreciation.

Here are some Christmas activity ideas:

•  Organise an event such as a BBQ;

•  Ceramic pottery painting classes;

•  Organise a bare foot bowls tournament;

•  Hold a cheese and wine tasting event;

•  Go on a muddy quad bike riding adventure.

If none of these ideas or activities are really catching your eye, consider a donation to charity on their behalf. Many companies are opting to support a charity instead of giving gifts. If you aren’t sure which charity each staff member or client supports, select a handful of charities to donate to and have clients and staff email you with the charity of their choice.  What better way to celebrate the meaning of the season by giving the gift of giving.

To find our more about organising a great team event for staff or clients, contact Deborah Quinn from Clarity Marketing on 0411 139 881 or email